2015 Year End Update

CCN Vision Logos
Dear Friend,
It is with great joy that I send you this year end update for the work that God has given us at City Church Network. Our network is expanding and our vision continues to grow:
Our Vision is to finish the Great Commission among every tribe until there’s No Place Left. 
Our Strategy Enjoy God daily as we prayer walk local communities, share the gospel, baptize new disciples, plant new churches, and train new leaders on diversely-gifted teams to sustain healthy movements.
Our Goal each year is that every disciple will participate in a local church, pray for a global region, and make a new disciple. Every church will plant a new church in a house of peace.
This last year we had several of our members trained in Pastoral Ministry, equipped to go out and share the good news with Jesus and add a second Missionary House for folks that want to move to Nashville and work with our ministry. In great anticipation, we look forward to welcoming 4 new families to partner with us in this Great Commission work.
We continue to develop resources that are not just being used locally in Nashville, TN but are being used nationally and globally. Our blog continues to be visited by individuals  all over the world with over 13,100 views since the first of the year.  In addition, we hosted a training with over 38 Missionaries from 15 states on how to do church planting ministry around the world.
We are also a part of the Berean Fellowship of Churches (BFC).  The BFC continues to grow with a belief of being Biblical, Sustainable and Reproducible.  The BFC believes so much in what we do that they have continue to send groups to Nashville to see how we are reaching the Nations for Christ. In 2015, we hosted the BFC National Conference here with over 150 leaders seeing and tasting all that God is doing through City Church.
We continue to praise God for His provision for our Network. If you would like to give a tax-deductible gift, you can either make a check out to: City Church Network, 313 Lawndale Drive Nashville, TN 37217 or you can give online.
We could not have done all this without you, your prayer covering and your generous gifts. We pray that God will continue to use you and bless your family for His kingdom!
In the service of the King of Kings,
David Kaufmann
Pastor, City Church Network

Refuge House Ministry

Refuge House

Refuge House is a ministry in Nashville, TN for missionaries in transit. Our desire is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all guests where rest, healing, and encouragement can take place.

Please come visit us in Nashville with your family and missionary teammates. We would love to host you and take you around our city to see all the amazing work the Lord of the harvest is doing.



Our 2015 Vision


City Church Network: 2015 Vision & Goals

Click to download .PDF Vision Guide

Our goal is to see the ten churches of City Church Network each plant one new church in the home of one lost family, baptize them, and disciple them into spiritual maturity with the same Acts 1:8 vision DNA.

My Disciple:_______________________Day/Time:______________

My Local Church:___________________Day/Time:______________

My Harvest Field:_________________________________________

My Harvest Team:________________________________________

Our House of Peace:________________Day/Time:______________

I am praying for this global region:____________________________

Global Missions Map

2015 Vision & Goals: Step-By-Step Instructions

My Disciple: The first step of our vision is to hold one another accountable to making disciples. This task is the greatest endeavor to which we can commit . Examine everyone you know at your home, neighborhood, school, workplace, recreation field, etc. Make a priority list of those with whom you have the most influence, and then ask the Holy Spirit to help you identify and focus on one disciple. Pray, study the Bible, and go on mission together weekly for one year.

My Local Church: Step two of our vision is to participate weekly in a local church. Commit yourself to a healthy, reproducing church in your local community. Focus on being a servant leader and encourager. Meet needs in your local church and contribute consistently to church health and strengthening.

My Harvest Field: Jesus Christ is Lord of the harvest, and he intentionally planted you in your local community by sovereign design and Great Commission purpose. Make a covenant with the Lord to be a fisher of lost people in your local community. Research your neighborhood and pray regularly for your neighbors. Map out your community and list all the villages in your field such as apartment complexes, market places, subdivisions, and schools. In this harvest field, God will use you to plant a new church in a house of peace!

My Harvest Team: Our Lord rarely sent disciple makers out alone. His custom was to send teams of 2 or 3 out for Great Commission work. Recruit your disciple and/or a member of your local church to prayer walk your neighborhood in search of a lost home in which to plant the kingdom of God through a new Bible study gathering.

Our House of Peace: As you prayer walk and knock on doors, you will encounter many strangers with needs who are either opposed to you, indifferent, or open to your help. Filter through everyone you meet to one home where you see the most potential for a new church. Identify the new leader, and train them how to obey Jesus.

My Global Region: We are an Acts 1:8 generation. Whatever we do locally has global effects. Pick a #NoPlaceLeft region and pray with faith for the Great Commission task to be complete there every day.

Scriptures to encourage you on this year’s spiritual journey:


John 8:36

If the Son sets you free, you are truly free.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things have come.

John 15:16

You did not choose Me, but I chose you. I appointed you that you should go out and produce fruit and that your fruit should remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you.


Matthew 3:11-12

“I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Luke 9:1-2

Summoning the Twelve, He gave them power and authority over all the demons, and power to heal diseases. Then He sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

Colossians 1:11-13

May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience, with joy giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the saints’ inheritance in the light. He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son He loves.

Contact Us:

Email us with questions or a training request: jph356@gmail.com

CCN Update December 2014

CCN Update December 2014

Watch on YouTube

Greetings City Church & No Place Left family,

David and I recorded this apostolic video update this morning on our hike at Radnor Lake. We spent concentrated time in prayer for our local house church leaders and global missionary teams.

This update includes an explanation about what God has done this past year as well as a brief description of our vision, strategy, and goals for 2015.

A few important highlights:

  • Goal: Each existing disciple makes one new disciple next year.
  • Goal: Each existing house church plants a “house of peace” church next year.
  • Goal: Strengthen & maintain health of each house church leader team.
  • Goal: Strengthen our Music City missionary network by training and empowering new apostolic teams among refugee community leaders.
  • Goal: Maintain our weekly prophetic prayer gatherings on Saturday evenings with a focus on the Holy Spirit’s leadership and revelation.
  • Goal: Engage unreached fields and peoples in India.
  • Goal: Strengthen and train other church planting teams around the world.

Thank you for all your faithful prayers and support in 2014. Thank you for your continued prayers and support in 2015.

We hope these goals will encourage you and demonstrate our personal conviction and commitment to a healthy, sustainable church planting movement in Tennessee.

Grace and peace,

James Harvey, CCN Training Pastor, jph356@gmail.com

A History of City Church Network

Woodbine Project

Back in 2010, God gave David & Rebekah Kaufmann a vision to reach all the nations in Nashville. This work began with the “Woodbine Project.”

David was on the pastoral staff @ Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, and over the course of one year, he began to see what a new church plant in Nashville would look like. He intentionally chose the Woodbine community because it was multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. David has always been a pastor with a vision and passion for global missions. He came from a background of ten years as a missionary trainer and mobilizer with e3 Partners and has traveled all around the world with a focus on China.

The Woodbine Project was the initial missionary work of several families researching and engaging, for the first time, the Woodbine community and the people there. God called several families to join David’s new church plant with a focus on engaging local people and penetrating lostness through evangelism and discipleship. A few, key launch partners for this work were the Berean Fellowship, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, and City Church of East Nashville.

City Church of Woodbine

In 2011, David and the Woodbine Project launch team officially formalized as “City Church of Woodbine.”

City Church of Woodbine met at the Coleman Park community center for weekly worship services and then later at New Song Church. The vision was the same: to be a gospel movement from the heart of Nashville to the ends of the earth. The strategy was maturing as many new families, several from other nations, joined City Church of Woodbine’s efforts to reach south Nashville.

The structure of the church at this time was one church with weekly worship gatherings as well as home Bible studies and outreach groups and ministries.

City Church Network

Over the next two years, City Church of Woodbine drastically changed its strategy and structure without ever losing her vision. From one weekly church gathering, City Church of Woodbine began sending out church planting teams to start weekly church gatherings in homes with a monthly celebration service for all the house churches. Instead of one centralized church gathering, City Church of Woodbine became City Church Network, a growing network of house churches spread out across south Nashville. We also appointed and commissioned a team of elders to help shepherd the network.

At the end of 2014, there are now ten house churches meeting in eight harvest fields in the city. For most of the year, the focus was strengthening the core leader teams and weekly gatherings of each church since many of the original City Church of Woodbine members had never experienced church formation in the home.

In 2015, our focus will be for each church to become a church planting church.

Our goal is to see the ten churches of City Church Network each plant one new church in the home of one lost family, baptize them, and disciple them into spiritual maturity with the same Acts 1:8 vision DNA.


City Church Network is a small part of a growing, global movement of Christian leaders and churches around the world impacting lostness with a focus on engaging unreached and unengaged people groups around the world. We are developing our own resources, which are being used by missionaries around the world, and recruiting and training new church planting teams to birth sustainable church planting movements.

We do not know specifically what the future holds, but we can be confident that God is with us and continues to bless our work. We know He is coming soon. Maranatha Lord Jesus!

Click to download .PDF A History of City Church Network

2014 December Newsletter by Pastor David Kaufmann

December greetings from the Kaufmanns

“Reach the Nations”

A December Newsletter from Pastor David Kaufmann

I have titled this newsletter “Reach the Nations,” because this theme has gripped our family’s heart over the last three years as we have started City Church Network. The psalmist says it so beautifully, “Declare his glory among the nations his marvelous works among all the peoples!” (Psalm 96:3)

By God’s grace, City Church Network has grown to 13 house churches with over 15 different nations represented. This past year, we have labored to establish elders in our church and to train up healthy, reproducing disciples. Our vision for 2015 is that each house church will plant one new church. This achievement would give us an impact among over 500 people in south Nashville. We have trained leaders in Atlanta, Louisville, Huntsville, Birmingham, and at two national conferences this past year. In all, we have trained over 300 leaders in the vision of disciple making and church planting.

Let me share some updates about the Kaufmann family. David has enjoyed traveling and encouraging church planters with the Berean Fellowship. Rebekah is now in her second year working at Lighthouse Christian School and helping lead worship at church. William is now in his senior year of high school and pursuing his college studies next year. Gracie is in eighth grade and full of life and loves helping her younger brother. Noah just entered Kindergarten and is so proud he can spell his name!

As we press forward, we continue to need partnership and financial investment in the mission of God here in Nashville and beyond. Last year, we raised $12,000 from our December newsletter. My prayer is that, through your generosity, we will be able to raise $20,000 this year. We now have multiple ways you can give to the mission of God. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially at the end of this year through a generosity gift to help us fund the missionary work of this specific church network?

You can send us a check payable to “City Church Network”: 313 Lawndale Dr, Nashville, TN 37217.

Or, you can click the “Give Online” button below and give a gift through our website.

May the LORD richly bless you,

David Kaufmann

Give Online Now!

New Podcast with City Church Network

Engaging Missions Podcast

Greetings, online family!

Please click the link above and listen to Bryan Entzminger with Engaging Missions interview our pastors: David Kaufmann and James Harvey.

We recorded a 45-minute podcast with Bryan a few weeks ago. His radio show is a great way to learn about what missionaries are doing all around the world.

Keep making disciples of all nations until the whole world hears!