Summer 2014 Internship

CCN Summer 2014 InternshipClick to download .PDF Internship Promo

Vision: Our vision at City Church Network is to equip men and women as harvest field strategy coordinators. This year, our summer internship includes the following:

  • An accelerated training in our C5 training course.
  • A home stay for interns with a missionary family.
  • Urban ethnographic research training and experience.
  • Church planting team experience
  • Training in evangelism, disciple-making, church planting, and leadership development.
  • Training in prophetic prayer and healing/deliverance ministry.

Internship Summary:

This is a volunteer internship program. Each applicant will be responsible to raise the necessary funds needed for their housing, travel, and sustenance needs. City Church Network will provide all training and harvest field resources.

Cost: $2,500 ($1,000 housing, $1,000 travel/food, $500 ministry expenses)

City Church Network will:

  • Recruit a local missionary family with whom the intern will live.
  • Train each intern as a strategy coordinator for harvest field missions.
  • Assign a harvest field team on which the intern will serve and assist.
  • Supervise each intern throughout the week.
  • Train each intern over the course of the Spring 2014 semester
  • Help each intern connect with harvest field opportunities after the summer internship.

Contact: James Harvey, 615.506.4091,

CCN Update

CCN Update

Enjoy this latest update from David Kaufmann and James Harvey.


  • Six new believers, several of which are Nepalis from a Hindu background.
  • 31 college students from Taylors FBC on mission
  • Berean National Church Planting vision meeting this week
  • $14,000+ raised for our 2014 missionary mobilization budget!
  • Plans for missional and training trips to other countries.
  • The levels of leadership according to the 50-5-50 USA network
  • A prayer of blessing


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Merry Christmas from City Church Network

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from City Church Network!

Dear Friends and Family,

Seeing one person come to Christ is cause for celebration. Seeing three generations baptized into Christ is historic. And that’s exactly what happened the last Sunday in August at Mill Creek. Three generations of a family from Nepal committed their lives to Jesus. Dahl and his wife Chali, nine adult children, and several grandchildren all gathered that day at the river to be baptized as the angels rejoiced. This is what our network is all about – life change!

2013 Nashville Nepali baptism

It is with great joy that I send you this letter for the work that God has given us at City Church Network.

Our church, City Church Woodbine, has expanded its vision to be called City Church Network. Our vision is to see a movement of healthy disciples and churches. We now have over 200 people worshiping Jesus in Nashville from 17 nations in 25 Bible studies. Bible studies where disciples are being taught the Scriptures in their heart language. This year, by God’s grace, we were able to see 156 people come to repentant faith in Jesus, and 46 of those were baptized, from over 12 nations!

We continue to develop resources for the global church. Our blog has been visited by individuals in over 137 countries with over 13,100 views since the first of the year. We are also targeting four strategic cities in the United States and hope to develop a City Church app that can be used on phones all over the world with our training materials.

I can honestly say this year has been one of the most fulfilling and fruitful years of ministry for the Kaufmann family and City Church Network. As God has been doing great things in our ministry, He has also done great things in our family. During the last 12 months, we were able to go with William and Gracie to east Asia and Costa Rica to train our children in loving and reaching the nations for His glory. We were able to host a son from Thailand named Chris Patakasak. He is graduating this year from Lighthouse Christian School with a vision to go back to his country to spread the gospel.

Friends, would you take a moment to thank God in prayer for what he has done for the Kaufmann family and for City Church Network? Then, would you prayerfully consider making a generous gift to our ministry?

Your Christmas at-year-end offering will go to:

  • Fund 20 pioneer missionaries here in Nashville
  • Send missionaries to the unreached from our church to the world
  • Develop training resources for the global church

Thank you for your partnership in the advancement of the gospel in Nashville among the 1.2 million people that live in our city that do not worship Jesus Christ.

Please mail checks to:

City Church Network, 313 Lawndale Dr, Nashville, TN 37217

Will you join my wife Rebekah and me as we pray and as we give? My prayer is that God will provide $100,000 in gifts through this 2013 offering. Gifts that will tangibly help us reach about 10,000 lost people with the gospel next year!

For HIS fame,

David Kaufmann

Kaufmann family 2014

50-5-50 Vision For North America

50-5-50 Network

Welcome to the 50-5-50 Network. This network was birthed by E3 Partners missionary Jeff Sundell based on the reality of vast lostness in North America and the need for multiplying disciples, leaders, churches, and networks.

The 50-5-50 vision represents:

  • 50 U.S. cities in the next…
  • 5 years (by 2017) will have…
  • 50 Master CPM and DMM trainers in each city.

Click to download Master T4T Trainer .PDF

Five Levels of Leadership

Level 1: Faithful Sower – faithfully and fruitfully sows the Word of God among the lost and disciples new believers to have the potential to be reproducing.

Level 2: Church Planter or Disciple Maker – doing L1 plus forming new believers into an autonomous group.

Level 3: CPM Coach or Disciple Making Movement (DMM) Coach – doing L2 plus multiplying disciples and releasing authority to the 1st/2nd/3rd generations.

Level 4: CPM Master Trainer or DMM Master Trainer (MT) – doing L3 plus training independent Church Planters or Disciple Makers thus multiplying groups.

Level 5: Strategy Coordinator (SC) – independently engaging a population segment, and has multiple streams of CPMs and/or DMMs.

What is a Master Trainer (By Nathan Shank)

The Master Trainer has witnessed generations of church starts within his own network (CPM) and is willing to train other existing networks to do the same.  By empowering such experienced actioners to ‘give away the kingdom’ we draw upon all the manpower resources of existing churches mobilizing them toward a multiplied harvest.

Master Trainers have the role of a mentor, coaching the network through multiple touches, toward multiplication.  They are able to diagnose church health, identify emerging leaders and spiritual gifts, and recognize and correct barriers with scripture often present within church tradition.  This is a kingdom minded multiplier!

Click to join the 50-5-50 network!

For more information, please e-mail us:

E3 I Am Second Nashville Expedition

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.25.22 AM

E3 I Am Second Nashville Expedition

Click to download .PDF flyer

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.25.44 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.26.09 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.26.39 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.26.28 AM

Al Massira Training Nashville

Al Massira Training

Al Massira Training Nashville

Click to download .PDF flyer

Al Massira: An open place to walk with the prophets and meet the Messiah.

Date: Friday, November 15 – Saturday, November 16

Time: Friday, 9:00am – 9:00pm; Saturday, 8:00am – 4:30pm

Venue: Fellowship Bible Church (The Barn), 1210 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37207

Al Massira is a new way for you to share your faith in the Messiah with your friends. Al Massira is:

  • A chronological overview of the Bible revealing the identity of the Messiah
  • A series of 13 short films to be followed by guided discussions
  • Designed for use in small groups among friends
  • Presented in Arabic and English

If you are currently involved in outreach or planning to be involved in the future, you are invited to come and be trained to use this exciting new resource! You will receive the complete resource pack (DVDs, Leader’s manual, and Participants’ discussion questions and notes) at the end of the training for immediate use.

Total cost for single person: $125

Total cost for single person: $180

Cost includes: meals, refreshments, and resources

Register now! E-mail James:

Visit the website:

Nashville People Groups

Nashville UPGs

Nashville People Groups

Known People Groups in Nashville Area:

1.         Hindi

2.         Telegu

3.         Gujarati

4.         Tamil

5.         Chin Haka

6.         Zomi

7.         Karen

8.         Kachin

9.         Mon

10.       Nepali

11.       Bhutanese

12.       Mexican: we have identified several different Indian dialects among this group

13.       Guatemalan

14.       Sorani

15.       Bodeni

16.       Kurdish

17.       Egyptian

18.       Coptic Egyptians: They are ORTHODOX BUT BELIEVE IN WORKS SALVATION

19.       Somali

20.       Somali Bantu

21.       Laotian

22.       Vietnamese

23.       Salvadorian

24.       Japanese

25.       Korean

26.       Nigerian

27.       Honduran

28.       Russian

29.       Chinese Mandarin

30.       Chinese Cantonese Mainland

31.       Chinese Han Mainland

32.       Hong Kong

33.       Columbian

34.       Haitian

35.       Ukrainian

36.       Romanian

37.       Armenian

38.       Cambodian

39.       Filipino

40.       Bosniks

41.       Saudi

42.       German

43.       Congolese Swahili

44.       Iranian

45.       Russian Jews

46.     Dinka

47.   Urdu

49.   Deaf

50.   French Canadian

51.   Tajik

52.   Kunama

53.   Burundian

54.   Liberians

55.   Malaysians

56.   Ethiopian: Amharic

57.   Guyanans

58.   Bengali

59.   Bosnian

60.   Czech

61.   Guyana

62.   Italian

63.   Lebanese

64.   Trinidad and Tobago

65.   Dutch Speaking: Netherlands and Indies Islands

66.   South African: Afrikaans, English and Dutch Speaking

67.   Puerto Rican

68.   Cuban

69.   Argentinean

70.   Nicaraguan

71.   Venezuelan

72.   Punjabi

73.   Serbian

74.  Karenni (Red Karen)

75. Zanniat Chin

76. Ngwan Chin

77. Asho Chin

78. Tiddin Chin

79. Daii Chin

80. Chuj

81. Pocomchi

82. Brazilian

83. Anatolian Turks

84. Tagalog.

85. Hmong

86. Ibo

87. Twi

88. Yoruba

89. Lithuanian

90. Sierra Leon

91. Liberian

For more information, contact Lewis:

  • Lewis McMullen
  • Church Planter Strategist
  • Nashville Baptist Association
  • 420 Main Street
  • Nashville, TN 37206
  • O: 615-259-3034
  • C: 615-815-5095