T4T Discipleship Lesson: John 17:20-26

CCW Discipleship Guide

John 17:20-26

Instructions: This Discipleship Guide is designed for you and your small group to take time to:

  • Read and meditate on a Bible passage
  • Reflect on its meaning and application for your life
  • Renew your commitment of radical obedience to God’s call to Great Commission living
  • Reproduce your spiritual walk through disciple making.

As a church, our desire is to be faithful first and foremost to God’s command to make disciples of all nations, and we must begin by being disciples ourselves.

3/3rds Discipleship Training Process Outline


1)      Pastoral Care (10 minutes)

2)      Accountability (5 minutes)

3)      Worship (5 minutes)

4)      Cast Vision (5 minutes)


5)      New Bible Story Study (“Reflect” section, 30 minutes)


6)      Break into groups of 2 or 3 and practice storytelling

7)      Set goals: Three people with whom you will share this week’s story.

8)      Pray for Faith, Obedience, and Boldness (Courage)

Recommended Focus Story: John 17:20-26

Review: Last week, we heard a powerful message on the essential elements of a biblical marriage from Wim & Libby Codington. We studied how God designed marriage to function in the context of sacrificial love and servant leadership. We saw how the metaphor of cultivating a healthy and fruitful garden can serve us as we grow deeper in our lifelong understanding of God’s call to cultivate healthy relationships in our lives throughout the week. This week we will study John 17 and learn about the biblical principles that form the foundation for effective kingdom prayer.

Reflect: Anyone can learn how to facilitate a small group Bible study by memorizing these five questions.

1) What does this story teach about people?

2) What does this story teach about God?

3) What is the spiritual lesson?

4) How do I obey this spiritual lesson?

5) Who will I share this story with this week?

Renew (Personal):

1) What is the significance of Jesus’ prayer for us today in John 17:20?

2) Why is unity in the body of Christ so essential to mission work? (17:21)

3) What does Jesus mean by giving us “glory” from God in John 17:22?

4) How is Christian unity reflected in the gospel message? (17:23)

5) Can you see the relationship between John 1:1-5 & 17:24?

6) How is God’s name “Immanuel” (God-with-us) represented in verse 25?

7) Is there anything preventing you from trusting Jesus completely? (17:26)

Reproduce (Group):

1) Practice telling this story in small groups of 2 or 3.

2) List five people with whom you will share this story this week.

3) Pray for faith to believe God’s Word.

4) Pray for obedience to carry out God’s commands.

5) Pray for boldness to courageously proclaim Christ verbally.

6) How are you being faithful to the Great Commission task?

7) Name your disciples. How are you training them to make disciples?


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