CCW News 7/29/2012

A Light In Lebanon

The Lebanon Bible study group is shining the Light of Christ to the Inman Court projects every Tuesday evening! They are continuing through the Seven Stories of Hope, finishing up story three at Deborah’s house this week. Her three kids, Eddie, Elijah, and Shirley have been amazing– listening, learning, and remembering the details of all the previous stories they have studied.

The group is using the 3/3rds discipleship process every week from 6-7:30 pm. First, the team from Nashville meets Randy & Melaina Allen and Kacie at a Cracker Barrel parking lot at 5:45, and they ride together to Deborah’s home for a time of prayer and learning. After the study the Nashvillians meet back up at the Cracker Barrel parking lot for a short debrief, some T4T process coaching and prayer before heading home. Deborah has asked the team to plan a prayer-walk of her community, and they hope to do that very soon. Please be in prayer for that activity specifically! And praise God for the uncommon strength He has given Deborah as she has endured two recent break-ins to her home, thefts, a gun pointed at her head, and a drug bust in a neighbor’s home where they tried to pin the charges on her. Thankfully, her friends at housing authority know her and vouched for her with police.

We need to continue to support this work God has called Randy & Melaina to be a part of, and pray for an indigenous gospel movement to happen in Lebanon’s section 8 housing!

Timothy Initiative Training @ the Nashville Baptist Association

This week a group from City Church of Woodbine underwent The Timothy Initiative (TTI) training at the Nashville Baptist Association downtown. The team consisted of our Pastor David, Assistant Pastor James, the Project 52 team, Laura Wight (who works with Kurds in Murfreesboro and Nashville) and their host Dr. Lewis McMullen, Church Planting strategist for the Nashville Baptist Association. Training was Tuesday-Thursday, from 9am to 1pm each day.

Dr. Greg Kappas and his Timothy Initiative staff ( led the training. They used Google + and Skype by hooking up a laptop to an Internet TV to connect with the training team in West Palm Beach, FL. Technology is bringing the wisdom of the world’s Christian teachers to our doorstep– Praise the Lord! Through this training opportunity our church is now prepared to enlist, assess, train, and coach church planting teams focused on multiplication anywhere in the world.

In August, David and James will begin enlisting and assessing church planting teams in the southeast U.S. region to begin a one-year T4T/TTI training and coaching process that will result in at least one multiplying house church of 15 new believers in the next training year. Please pray for God to lead and enable groups to partake in this training, and pray for David and James as they prepare to equip new church planters.Topics covered in this course will be: Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Church Planting, Old Testament, New Testament, Bible Doctrines, Church History, Apologetics, Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Leadership.

If anyone wants to apply for this one year coaching/training, please email our church @ We look forward to cheering for you at graduation!

30 Days of Prayer

As you know, we are in the midst of the Muslim season of Ramadan. During this 30-day time period, we want to ferverntly pray for our Muslim friends and community members to SEE JESUS in dreams and visions. Our own Associate Pastor James Harvey has written a fantastic blog post over at, which talks about how we, as Christians, need to welcome and pray for the Muslims calling this city their home. The article also hightlights the Nashville shout-out in the 2012 Ramadan Prayer Guide. Don’t miss it!

And as a reminder: we are going to continue to have an intercessory prayer meeting at the Glenwood house, 304 Bowwood Dr, Nashville, TN 37217 every Friday evening from 6-7:30 through the month of August on behalf of Muslims in our community, Nashville in general, and the Muslim world.

Don’t forget to check out the resources available at Opendoorsusa.0rg

Kingdom Prayer

We invite your to join us in prayer for the following:

1) This is the Project52 team’s last week in Nashville, and they are headed back to college next week. Pray for God’s leading and vision for their futures, and for the contacts they made during their time in our community.
2) Over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world are currently observing Ramadan. Pray for our Lord to come to them in dreams and visions, and for Christians to boldly proclaim the gospel into their lives.
3) Pray for this two month shepherding season for City Church of Woodbine. Petition the Father for unity, strength, peace, joy, and renewed passion in our church family.
4) Pray for the Lord to lead us in planting a Paragon Mills church. We want to see new home Bible studies with lost families coming to Christ! Pray for God’s timing and blessing.
5) Pray for The Timothy Initiative church planter team training enlistment and assessment in August. Pray for God to bring us the right people and teams to reach the unreached in our city.
6) Praise God for our Hispanic community outreach and for all the work Vincent, Maria, Miguel and Jenny are doing to reach over 250,000 Hispanics in Nashville with the gospel.
7) Praise God for our new leadership teams, and pray for us as we continue to help people discover their spiritual gifts and plug into the right ministry teams.
Sermon Series: Acts
Summer is a busy time, with many families taking vacations and traveling out of town. If you’ve missed a Sunday, then don’t worry– you haven’t missed out completely! Any of the sermons can be viewed on the City Church of Woodbine YouTube Channel. You will also find other encouraging and thought-provoking videos to enlighten your day. The easiest way to stay up on all the great videos is to become a subscriber. Don’t get left out, subscribe today!

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