Pray For Muslims In Nashville

Most people who live in Nashville will never forget this eerie picture of hate mongering that occurred in our city a couple years ago.

We once taught a group of Christian educators about the growing population of Muslims in Nashville, and we used the picture on the right as the final PowerPoint slide, and we put “Muslims, Welcome home” over “Muslims, Go home.”

As you know, it’s Ramadan, and our hearts are broken for over 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide who are trying to earn their righteousness before God through obedience to the Five Pillars. We are hosting a weekly intercessory prayer meeting every Friday from 6-7:30 pm on behalf of the Muslim community.

We were surprised and pleased to see Nashville, TN included in the 2012 30-day Ramadan prayer guide. Here is the entry for Day 8:

Day 08 – Praying about Nashville, Tennessee, USA!

For Friday, 27 July, 2012 Edition. Praying in Faith, Hope and Love for the Muslim World.

Nashville, Tennessee, the Capital of Country Music, is home to 11,000 Kurds and 8,000+ Somalis and Somali Bantus,  as well as other Muslim ethnic groups. The Nashville area has as many as 30,000 Muslims.

Like Nashville, many other cities in the United States have become the home of thousands of Muslims. Over the years, God has been raising up workers. Communicating, connecting, and shared resources have helped people to start reaching out.

Prejudices and fear remain against Muslims in Nashville, even among Christians, but for some believers, Jesus’ call to make disciples has overwhelmed both fear and prejudice. Jesus rejected the prejudices of the Jews against the Samaritans, and reached out to the Samaritan woman correcting her theology and transforming her life (John 4:4-34).

Prayer ideas: Pray for believers in Nashville to be more and more motivated to cultivate good wholesome relationships with Muslims. The followers of Islam are people with needs, problems, as well as cultural and religious preconceptions/baggage which make it hard for them to understand the Good News about Jesus. Muslim immigrants often have difficulties adapting to Western, individualistic, or urban culture. Followers of Jesus can offer real and appropriate friendship to Muslims caught between cultures.

Ask God to give believers favour with Muslims in Nashville. Pray that He would begin significant movements of Muslims coming to Christ from among the many people groups in the city.

Nashville is not unlike several large cities in the southern United States. You can also pray for Muslims in Memphis, Atlanta, and Louisville.

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