CCW News 7/8/2012

Here’s this week’s update from City Church of Woodbine:

Our God Saves!

We wanted to let you know that after the 4th of July BBQ at the Kaufmann’s house, Sarahi received Christ as her Savior! Praise Jesus! She was really touched by the church’s kind gifts and friendliness during the BBQ. The whole church has been part of Christ’s work in her life over the last several weeks. She expressed the desire to be in a church where she can learn and not just attend on Sundays, and she is excited about being a part of our church family. She will be visiting the Highlands Bible Study, and as soon as Jenny gets back from a business trip they will be starting a discipleship study. Sarahi has also offered her home as a place to host a Bible Study! If you don’t go to the Highlands Bible Study, you will get the chance to see her on Sunday. She speaks great English, so introduce yourself; there shouldn’t be any language barrier. Let’s all remember to lift up in prayer our new sister in Christ!

Apartment Outreach

Our visiting group of eight from Pinelake Church in Mississippi braved the heat this last week to reach out to our neighbors in the Audobon apartment complex. The team set up around 9 am and took down around 2pm, and shared lots of cotton candy, smiles and some Bible stories in between. They were able to pray for several people in Jesus’ name, and God opened the door to two new home T4T discipleship groups, as well as ten families to follow up with next week– Hallelujah! The new home Bible studies will be at Preston’s apartment and Denice’s home. Please continue to pray for opportunities to reach these apartments, and ask God to grow and multiply these groups like He did the loaves and fishes.


Ramadan Is On Its Way

One of the most– if not THE most– powerful tools we have been given as children of God is prayer. is a website that understands the power and world-changing ability of prayer, and wields that mighty weapon in protection of persecuted Christians everywhere.Their goal is “is to connect and strengthen believers worldwide, empowering them to reach out in love to their neighbors.” Another highlight of their ministry is prayer guides; you can sign up on their website to receive prayer request bulletins called “Prayer Force alerts” that prompt you to pray for our brothers and sisters around the globe. Open Doors has put together a prayer calendar for the 30 days of Ramadan, the Muslim festival that many of our neighbors will be participating in this year. What better way to reach out to our neighborhood than learning about and praying for the people that make up such a large part of it? Make sure you check it out here.

Kingdom Prayer

We invite your to join us in prayer for the following:

1) Praise God for our new sister in Christ, Sarahi! Pray for her willingness to be discipled and to become a disciple maker.
2) Praise God for the two new home Bible studies that God opened the door to with our Audobon apartment outreach.
3) Praise God for a successful July 4th community outreach at the Kaufmann’s house.
4) Praise God for the missions house the Nashville Baptist Association has given us to use for ministry and church planting training.
5) Please pray for the on-going follow up our missions teams are doing in different apartment complexes in southeast Nashville.
6) Please pray for our Project52 teams! They have less than a month to connect all their new contacts with local Christians.
7) Please pray for the mission team joining us from Birmingham. They will be helping with the work on the new training center and follow up with families.
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