10 Reasons To Plant House Churches

Today’s blog post is a re-post of J. Guy Muse’s blog on Rad Zdero’s book “The Global House Church Movement”. You can learn more about J. Guy Muse and his blog here: Go to blog

Top Ten Reasons To Plant House Churches

  1. Biblical
  2. Exponential
  3. Effective
  4. Natural
  5. People Focused
  6. Efficient
  7. Equal Opportunity
  8. Unbounded
  9. Inexpensive
  10. Immediate

1) Biblical

This was the normative New Testament pattern established by Jesus and the apostles and perpetuated by the early church of the first three centuries and in subsequent renewal, reform and revival movements throughout history. (Acts 2:46, 5:42, 20:20)

2) Exponential

To reach a growing world, we need to multiply, not just add.

3) Effective

The most effective method of evangelism is not growing existing churches, but planting new ones.

4) Natural

House churches are part of the local community and easily tap into relationship connections which is at the heart of an indigenous movement.

5) People Focused

They focus on relationships and the development of people spiritually, not on executing programs or projects.

6) Efficient

They are more mobile, flexible, and adaptable than conventional churches, especially in areas characterized by persecution and poverty.

7) Equal Opportunity

Because of their small, intimate and participatory nature, all believers have the opportunity to exercise their spiritual gifts during church meetings, and not just professional clergy or key leaders.

8) Unbounded

The house church is free of space, place, and budget hindrances to gospel movements.

9) Inexpensive

They are less expensive than traditional church, because no expensive buildings, programs, or professional clergy are required.

10) Immediate

It can start now, right in your living room.

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8 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Plant House Churches

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  3. I am in Texas and will begin a gathering at my apartment in the near future!
    Exited about this and looking forward to see what the Lord is going to do!!
    Thank you for sharing this!!
    God bless you!!

    • Hey Peter, that’s great! We’d love to hear your story and find out how we can partner together for completing the GC task in our generation. May the LORD bless your work in the harvest fields among the unreached and unengaged.

      • Hello and thank you for your reply!
        We are currently praying and seeking the Lord but it seems that in the near future we will begin a prayer meeting in my apt. And looking for prayer warriors to intercede for our community and so that the Lord will give us grace to reach out to our community. We will be seeking the Lord and getting into the word and together learn to walk with Jesus and allow the blessed Holy Spirit to continue to change us into the image of Christ. Please keep us in your prayers and if you are in Texas we would love to meet !!
        Thank you so very much and may the Lord continue to bless you!!

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