CPMM Series #1: CPMM Endvision

We have all heard the “every Christian should…” statements on the jackets of endless books or magazines. This statement should be used with great care and discernment, and we feel that our new blog series on “Church Planting Movement Multiplication” is worthy of such a serious claim.

Therefore, every Christian should study church planting movements and prayerfully discern how she or he is intentionally contributing directly to the gospel moving throughout the hearts and souls of every person from every tribe, tongue, and people group around the world until the King returns.

Allow us to summarize some key principles from our blog post on “Church Planting Movements” in order to set the stage for this critical series of posts on how church planting movements actually participate in bringing closure to the Great Commission task.

VIDEO on Vimeo: Church Planting Movements

What are Church Planting Movements (CPMs)?

A CPM is a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment.

What are the essential elements of a CPM?

  1. Extraordinary prayer
  2. Abundant evangelism
  3. Intentional planting of reproducing churches
  4. The authority of God’s Word
  5. Local leadership
  6. Lay leadership
  7. House churches
  8. Churches planting churches
  9. Rapid reproduction
  10. Healthy churches

Why should a church adopt CPM multiplication as their Missions Endvision?

  1. God is mightily at work in them.
  2. God’s people must align themselves with what God is doing.
  3. They are the most effective means in the world for drawing lost millions into saving, disciple-building relationships with Jesus Christ.
  4. They multiply the glory of God.

So, how do we get started?

  1. Immerse your community in prayer.
  2. Saturate your community with the gospel.
  3. Cling to God’s Word.
  4. Fight against foreign dependency.
  5. Eliminate all non-reproducible elements.
  6. Live the vision that you wish to fulfill.
  7. Build reproduction into every believer and church.
  8. Train all believers to evangelize, disciple, and plant churches.
  9. Discover what God is doing and join him.

Church planting movements are how God is reaching a lost world through the indigenous spread of the gospel resulting in organic church planting that fosters Great Commission obedience in new generations of Christ followers.

Each Christian, as they daily pursue a faithful walk with the Lord Jesus by abiding in him and walking with the Holy Spirit, should be seeking to fulfill the Great Commission task by understanding and employing their God-given spiritual gifts for his glory among all people groups.

We are kingdom priests. We are gospel warriors. We have been given authority to make disciples of all ethnic groups, baptize and train them how to follow the Lord Jesus, and commission them to fulfill the King’s mission in this generation. (1 Peter 2:9)

We need leadership teams, discipleship groups, church families, and missional networks driven by Matthew 24:14: “This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

These committed Christ followers:

  1. Understand the radical call of the gospel
  2. Commit to obedience of Jesus Christ’s Great Commission
  3. Work in unity to pursue rebellious sinners with the liberating gospel truth
  4. Raise up new missional leaders among new generations of believers
  5. Equip and send missionaries locally and around the world that all people may have an opportunity to hear about, understand, and receive salvation in Jesus’ name.

So, Christian, what is your response? How will your church respond to the urgency of Jesus’ mission to give the gospel to the nations? Examine our blog series on CPMMs and ask God to open your eyes to the harvest fields of the world.


This blog post is the first in a series of at least 15 articles on church planting movement multiplication. To see how this section fits into the overall strategy to reach this world for Christ in our generation, please review our CPMM infographic: Go to infographic

For more information on movements and missional networks, please visit our website: www.citychurchwoodbine.com/resources

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