Church Planting Movement Multiplication Infographic

Our church discovered a Church Planting Movement Endvision document that has gone viral all over the world. We felt that the principles in the Endvision plan for reaching the world are simply pure New Testament disciple making strategies. Therefore, with permission from our friends who developed the CPM Endvision document, we revised it for a North American context and commissioned this infographic.

We are truly grateful to our talented friends @ Pelhaus for their creative graphic design skills, and we look forward to how God is going to continue this strategic plan to reach the world for Christ in our generation!


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7 thoughts on “Church Planting Movement Multiplication Infographic

  1. I had a copy of the original CPM Endvision document. Where can I find it on your blog page? Like the infograph. Thanks.

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  5. This is the best school ever existed. I pray that God will help us to plant numerous churches and not just one in Jesus name . Amen

  6. Don’t know if I’ll come back to this site…great thing on emerging art. But about the CPM stuff…and I’ve been WELL exposed to the whole thing. I know some of the key leaders in this movement globally. But, here’s a bug I’d like to put in your ear. It is NOT, in the least, AGAINST the CPM model. I think it’s a God-send, and we should all be doing things to get it going, spread it, etc.
    My “BUG” is this. I see it as a great additive to “G.C. activity” but NOT a baseline of it. In other words, it’s a great step in the right direction, but NOT anything like a ‘last step.’ This is because I go to three or four spots in Scripture and find an interesting note re. our ‘G.C.’ First, the apostle John’s great portrait literature of our final days…in Rev. 21, in which the kings of the earth will bring the glory and splendor of the NATIONS into the city of God! If we ask, “HOW WILL THAT HAVE HAPPENED?” we can go straight to the missiology of the greatest missionary in the church era: the apostle Paul. His benediction to his most popular epistle includes a vision: “so that all nations might believe and obey him” (Rom 16:26 NIV) WOW, Paul’s vision–in his benediction to his most popular epistle is that ALL the NATIONS might BELIEVE and OBEY God! If we go back to his calling and career, that’s exactly what was beginning to transpire. For three days after his radical Damascus road conversion, Christ tells Ananias to
    “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel….” Acts 9:15-16 In some ways, it almost seems as thought Luke, who wrote the Acts, may have actually structured the book around these three audiences to which Paul was sent, for the first third of the book is almost strictly about the Jews, the middle part is about those “Gentile nations” to which Paul went on those first three missionary journeys he went on. But at the end of Acts 21, Paul is in chains, and plot moves to the Gentile KINGS: Felix, Festus, Agrippa, the governor of Malta and finally, Caesar’s palace. So Paul’s missiology DID include the full discipling of the nations–including their kings. But we catch just a brief glimpse of it before the canon closes and we’re into ‘church history.’
    But, then, if we move back another 30 years or so, to the day when Christ gave his (Matthean) G.C., he states, “…Disciple ALL the NATIONS…teaching THEM to observe ALL that I’ve commanded you.” THAT is what I would call a GREAT commission, not JUST saving souls for heaven, not just planting churches, not even just ‘making disciples’ BUT actually DISCIPLING NATIONS. I could speak much longer, but clearly this was in the script for Christ from day #1. For he was born a king, and he died a king–no questionsa about that. But, long before he was born, Jacob, giving one of the very first messianic prophecies, over his son Judah (the ancestor of David and the coming Messiah), said about the coming One: …the obedience of the nations is his! Gen 49:10
    THAT, to me then, is a GREAT COMMISSION, and something to which all of our CPMs and a thousand other GREAT tasks are pointing, BUT, these all lead up to a time when the NATIONS really will begin to fully OBEY CHRIST, for that is what was prophecied, and IF Jesus is the King to kings, THAT is what belongs to him.


    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks very much for the rich comments and thought provoking ideas. We are excited that you found your way to this site and were willing to share your thoughts.

      My name is James and I’m the associate pastor @ CCW. I received these Endvision principles from a CPM trainer in Singapore back in January and have been seeking to understand and implement these concepts ever since.

      I’m sure that there’s some miscommunication and misunderstanding going on, because I read your comments three times, and I still have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Endvision is all about the completion of the GC task in our generation, and about bringing the kingdom of God intentionally and boldly to all unreached people groups locally and globally. CPM isn’t just one of many ways God is bringing about the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14, it’s the most effective way that the Holy Spirit is mobilizing uneducated indigenous believers from every kind of worldview and background to become disciple makers for his kingdom.

      I just have no idea what your issue is with CPM, but I can tell you that God has and is using CPM to reach the unreached people of this world with the good news of the kingdom by the millions!

      I hope that you will be willing to share more clearly and specifically what it is you have an issue with so that we can understand your views. We respect you and believe that it’s completely legitimate for brothers in Christ to disagree on some things. We only want you to pursue what the Lord has laid on your heart and given you a clear calling to obey, but your response is very confusing, so please write back and elaborate on what you feel is different about your views.

      Thanks! Grace, peace, wisdom, and courage to us as we continue to walk in the Spirit and seek God’s heart in our day.

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