The Timothy Initiative


The Timothy Initiative (TTI) is a reproductive, multiplying church planting movement that works with other national movement leaders to penetrate the nations and cultures with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


TTI’s vision is to plant millions of reproducing and multiplying evangelical churches in partnership with other like-minded ministries.


We train church planters to start one or more churches in their local community.

We bring the church planters together for one year of training, and each church planter cannot graduate until they have started a new multiplying church.

These new churches meet in buildings, houses, under trees, etc. The average church size is 15 new believers (though many grow much larger) in predominantly rural and unevangelized areas.

We have Continental Directors, Regional Directors, National Directors, and District Teachers that keep on each other accountable to each other and our global leadership team.

We are establishing associational relationships and training with these church planters for their ongoing health in year two and beyond.

Each church plant is designed to be a church planting center.

Current Growth & Statistics

In 2012, TTI will train and equip 20,000+ church planters:

  • Asia: 10,000 from seven countries
  • Africa: 10,000 from 22 countries
  • Latin America: 425 from three countries
  • Caribbean: 700 from two countries

In addition, TTI is currently forming strategic partnership to make an even greater kingdom impact.

By the end of the year, TTI will have trained close to 35,000 church planters in Asia and Africa alone!

How Do We Accomplish Our Goal?

We train church planters to plant one or more churches in their local community.

In order to train the church planters, we start Training Centers where church planters are trained to plant multiplying churches.

What Is Our Definition Of Church?

An organized body of believers who meet together regularly to worship the Lord, make disciples, and reach out to the lost. A church can meet in a building, in a house, or under a tree.


For more information on TTI, visit their website: Go to TTI website

Email Executive Director Greg Kappas:

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