The Woodbine Project

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What is the “Woodbine Project”?

The Woodbine Project is the mission work of City Church of Woodbine. We are intentionally praying for and serving towards a movement of the gospel in the heart of Nashville for the glory of God and the good of our city. As a church, we desire to express and reflect the beauty of God and the diversity of our community. Our hope is to see a renewal and awakening of people to the person of Jesus Christ.

What is our vision?

Our aim is to serve as a catalyst for launching healthy, indigenous and organic church planting movement multiplication throughout Southeast Nashville to the ends of the earth. By making disciples of persons of peace from all people groups in our community, we hope to develop gospel-movement-minded indigenous leaders who will plant missional churches in each of the unique contexts that they represent. Our greatest motivation is the glory of God being manifested among the unreached and unengaged people groups of our world wherever they may be found.

What is our strategy?

We currently have a five-part missional strategy:

  1. Community Focus
  2. Relationship Bridges
  3. Gospel Saturation
  4. Missions Sending
  5. Exponential Multiplication

Community Focus:

Our heart’s desire is to penetrate lostness in our local communities. We are launching neighborhood groups for every community in our parish in order to strategically plant multiplying house churches in every neighborhood throughout Southeast Nashville.

Relationship Bridges:

We can only contextualize the truths of the gospel for lost people when we know who they are and what they believe. Our desire is to cultivate friendships with lost people throughout our community and to love, pray, and care for them.

Gospel Saturation:

We follow the church planting movement principles of M2E Evangelism (Mouth to Ear). The greatest needs in our community are for lost people to find Jesus Christ, and they cannot believe unless they hear about him from a Christian (Romans 10:14). Our strategy is abundant gospel-seed sowing as we search for persons of peace (1 Corinthians 3:6-9).

Missions Sending:

Our desire is to help everyone connected to our church 1) discover their spiritual gifts, 2) identify gift-based servant leadership roles, and 3) train them in four areas of multiplication: disciple, leader, church, and movement. ¬†We believe that all believers are able to “preach” because of Matthew 28:18-20; therefore, we want to “send” everyone equipped to and capable of making disciples of their social network (Romans 10:15).

Exponential Multiplication:

As our vision states, we want nothing less than a catalytic gospel movement beginning in the heart of Nashville and spreading to the ends of the earth. Our desire is healthy multiplication of disciples, leaders, churches, and movements. Our target is every unreached people group on the planet. We believe that the Holy Spirit wants to empower the whole church to share the whole gospel with the whole world.

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