What is “City Church Network?”

City Church Network is a community of churches meeting in homes throughout Nashville, TN. The original church, City Church of Woodbine, was planted in 2011 with a vision to reach the 90+ people groups who have immigrated here. Over time, our church staff realized we could more effectively reach the city through a network of reproducing churches meeting in apartment complexes, subdivisions, and businesses.

Where and when do your home churches meet?

All of our churches currently meet in southeast Nashville between I-65 South and I-40 East. We are working with a team to start a new home church network in east Nashville in the Donelson/Hermitage area as well as equipping a new apostolic team in north Nashville.

Our eight home churches meet at different days and times. To get connected with any of these gatherings, please e-mail our Training Pastor, James Harvey: jph356@gmail.com.

CCN home church network

How is your network structured? Who are the leaders?

We have many teams of disciples meeting based on felt needs and spiritual gifts.

Overseer Team: Seven men meet on the first Saturday of every month to evaluate the health and reproduction of our south Nashville network of churches, leaders, and field teams.

Apostle Team: Five apostolic leaders meet every Tuesday at 2:30pm to discuss the progress of the Great Commission task among over 90 people groups in Nashville.

Prophet Team: Several disciples meet weekly on Thursday nights at 8:00pm to sing, pray, prophesy, and intercede for the network.

Evangelist Team: Our evangelists meet in different harvest fields on different days of the week to prayer walk and share the gospel with unreached neighbors.

Shepherd Team: Several home church leaders meet together twice a month on Tuesday evenings to discuss felt needs and pastoral care issues.

Teacher Team: We are currently identifying disciples who love teaching the Bible to have our first meeting and discuss orality discipleship tools.

Accountability Teams: We have a growing network of gatherings throughout the week of disciples meeting to confess sin, read the Word, and pray for each other and the lost.

The Future of the Nashville movement

#NoPlaceLeft Nashville

#NoPlaceLeft Nashville

Our heart’s desire is to see the four corners of Music City reached with the gospel. In order to accomplish this vision, we are mobilizing and coaching four independent teams of harvest field practitioners in each of the four geographical regions of our city to reach their harvest fields through evangelism, church planting, and leadership training.

Here is a look of the fields in which we are currently planted and prayer walking. Our goal is to “push out” to the other harvest fields across the city by recruiting for other laborers and joining them in their fields until they feel competent and confident to lead their own independent networks.

Nashville Church Planting Progress

We used the “Maps” and “Drawing” apps within Google Drive to create this map. Anyone can do it, and it’s all free online! We drew a circle around the greater Nashville geographical region to represent the target area of these missionary teams, and we drew an “X” over the city to create the four geographical regions of the city as well as represent our vision and strategy for church planting multiplication.

Nashville's Sister Network

Nashville’s Sister Cities

Our network has the joy and privilege to be active in a city-reaching movement all over the world. While we use online training and communication tools like Google Hangouts and Skype to work with city-reaching leaders around the world, we have specifically adopted nearby cities we can drive to within a day to visit and train leaders. We also intentionally prayer walk the harvest fields of other cities with the practitioners there in order to encourage them and help accelerate Great Commission obedience and generational growth.

What does a sister city partnership look like?

Here’s strategy and goals that our Nashville network focuses on:

  • Cities adopting sister cities and actively building lifetime friendships with other practitioners.
  • Cross-pollinating leaders in different harvest fields and urban contexts.
  • Best-practices learning communities with open source resource development.
  • Each city owns their own local harvest fields as well as visits other sister cities and helps prayer walk harvest fields in other geographical and affinity group contexts.
  • Each city network seeks to “push” out to other North American and global regions to learn as much as they can about how the Holy Spirit is moving in other countries and practitioner networks.

Infographic: Our Vision + Core Values

City Church Network Info Graphic

One thought on “Home

  1. Great work guys! I read the handbook. I will be utilizing the tools and have already started recommended it to those we have helped to train. Thanks for following Jesus. I’m really thankful you are praying, playing your part in Kingdom of agape. Keep developing new training Manuel’s. Simple, clear, and keeps the focus on the Main Who of the main thing. Mt.6:33
    One body of Jesus Christ. One great CO-mission in Christ Jesus. Brother Chip

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